Orcutt Student ministry is about...

Welcome to the Student Ministry of OBC! We love our students, and our desire for each student that passes through our family is three-fold:

  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Serve Others

It's that simple! Well, at least our goal is simple. Sometimes life can get messy. Whether it's middle or high school, change is the operative word. Peer pressure, self-image, and school all put pressure on our students. In the midst of difficulty, we desire our students to see how awesome Jesus is! 

So, our approach is relatively simple (I know, simple is everywhere, but we like keeping things simple...and redundant). We want our students to fall deeply in love with God. Then we want our students to love other people because God loves them. Finally, we want our students to put actions to their beliefs. To summarize, we love God, love people, and serve others.

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The point: Step One

What does it mean to "love God?" That is a great question! We want our students to fall deeply in love with Jesus.  We worship through music, through His Word, and through sharing life together. We also have a Sunday school hour that we tackle various topics that students encounter and discuss how to handle it from God's Word.

We consider this to be the first step in our discipleship program.

The Point is not meeting at this time.


Jesus said that people would know we were his disciples if we loved each other. But what does that mean? Our Deeper Group meet on Wednesday nights. We love each other by getting to know each other. We learn about our likes and dislikes, but we move beyond that to real relationships. What causes us to hurt? What brings joy to our lives? When we can answer these questions about each other, we begin to love each other.

Deeper Group is not meeting at this time.

serve others

When we love God and people, we desire to take that next step by serving them. Our students love to serve others. Every first Saturday of the month we meet at the Peninsula Rescue Mission. We make and serve breakfast to some guys that need help. We also make food for the homeless, shovel snow, and pretty much everything else. When God loves us, it's so easy to love others.



Our team

Our team is comprised of people from different ages and stages of life. We want to connect our students with real people. On top of that, we desire our team to be student ministers themselves. We undergo on-hands training, quarterly training, and a yearly retreat. We also value the safety of our students. Each one of our adults has completed the safety training through Protect My Ministry.

our resources

Whether you are a parent or guardian, or a student, our goal is to help you love God, love people, and serve others. But sometimes life can cause you to feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. We use these helps in our own student ministry, personal lives, and in disciple-relationships.

  • Youth specialties

    Youth Specialties equips and encourages churches through training, events and resources so they can help teenagers find and follow Jesus.

  • leadertreks

    LeaderTreks is passionate about developing student leaders. They are also eager to see deep discipleship in the lives of those who are willing. Doug Franklin's blog and other resources will help parents/guardians, and the leadership development will help students. They also give away tons of downloadable resources.

student ministry library

One of our goals is to help students grow in their faith. One way to help is to provide excellent resources. Just borrow it and bring it back when you finish. More than reading, though, we want you to put what you learn into practice.


Our library is expanding, but here is what we have right now:

"The Keys to Spiritual Growth" by John MacArthur

"Is God a Moral Monster?" by Paul Copan

"Reasonable Faith" by William Lane Craig

"A Ready Defense" by Josh McDowell

"Know Why You Believe" by Paul E. Little

"Discipling" by Mark Dever

"Church Membership" by Jonathan Leeman

"7 Men" by Eric Metaxas

"7 Women" by Eric Metaxas