Our Life Groups (Sunday School) are vital for our community of faith. We meet each week, look at the Scriptures, and share life with each other. Whether you are a fresh high school graduate, a young adult getting started in life, married with kids, looking forward to retirement, or enjoying it, there's a place for you!

  • Young adults

    Are you in college? Working toward a career? Don't know what you want to do? Join us as we engage in relevant issues and see God working in our lives.

  • Baxter

    This Life Group can't be pinned down to a particular age or life point. They are all together, sharing God's work in each other's lives. One thing about our group: we like to hang out after church too.

  • Jerry Hogge

    Do you want to go deeper into God's Word? Are you eagerly attempting to apply Scripture to your life? Join us! Each week we gaze into the Bible and see it come alive in our lives. We care for one another through visiting, prayer, and breaking bread. And while we would never turn anyone away, our class tends to be 50's and up.

  • maggie roaten

    Senior ladies are hard workers! As a group we visit our friends and family who are residing in nursing homes or are home-bound. Not only do we love serving on each other, we also delight in worshiping our God through the study of His Word.

  • Charles rawles

    Welcome to retirement! Our senior men's group enjoys 'taking it easy'. But not from loving and serving. Each week they meet and share God's Word together. And each week they serve out of grateful hearts.