OUR staff

Our team consists of people from different backgrounds and giftings. Learn about them below!

  • Bobby howell

    associate pastor of student ministries

    Bobby is Associate Pastor of Student Ministries. Bobby loves connecting students to Jesus. Guiding the students through Scripture, Bobby has a passion to help share the wonderful love of God with them as they journey through middle and high school.

    Bobby seeks to encourage the students to know God through His Word. He teaches verse by verse, highlighting how Scripture addresses the issues they face today. He loves to spend time with his family, read, write, and hang out with the students.

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  • Ruth winters

    music ministries coordinator

    Ruth has a passion for worship. Working with all ages from the Celebration Choir to Joy Singers to Kidz Praiz Team, she is encouraging each member of Orcutt's faith family to find an outlet. It doesn't matter if we're on the platform or in the pew, were all a vital part of worshiping our God.

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  • Glenda agnor-brown

    administrative financial manager

    Glenda has vast experience in administration. She takes care of all our budget and financial needs. She loves spending time with her daughter, Lizzie, and her husband, Bill.

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  • Deb Simmons

    Administrative Assistant

    Deb is likely the first person you will meet or talk to if contacting the church. If you need something put in the bulletin or monthly Connection magazine, added to the church calendar or just have a question, she's your gal. Deb enjoys homeschooling her youngest child, knitting/crocheting/sewing and organizing just about anything. 

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  • sherry castellow

    congregational song leader

    Sherry has been with our faith family for many years. She leads our congregation in worship using her love for God and talents. Sherry is a huge fan of trains, and along with her husband loves to travel and ride them.